Finding Love on the Back List

I have been in love with the romance genre since I first read “Tiger Eyes” by Judy Blume in elementary school.  I can gleefully read romance novels from sun up to sun down.  I found another new-to-me author to add to my reading pleasure.

“Naturally Naughty” by by Leslie Kelly (2002) is my introduction to her writing.  I wouldn’t normally go for a book that had the back cover blurb that this one had because it was about revenge, but I am already a Jill Shalvis fan, and this book is related to her book “Naughty but Nice.”  I wouldn’t want to miss any nuances in “Naughty but Nice” because I passed on “Naturally Naughty.”

I was very impressed with Leslie Kelly!  “Naturally Naughty” was an easy, well written, enjoyable read.  If you like a read with non-stop sex, this will not disappoint!  I like Kate and Jack and the chemistry between them and how much they learn about themselves, their families, and the town that they grew up in.

“Wicked & Willing” By Leslie Kelly (2003) sealed Leslie Kelly onto my list on authors.  I will gleefully track down every one of her back list titles and read them in order now.  I was moved by Venus a.k.a Violet’s story of finding herself and finding love.

I reviewed these two novels because they appeared together in a Silhouette Showcase.

Happy reading!


11 thoughts on “Finding Love on the Back List

  1. Yes! “Pickle Juice,” “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret?,” “Blubber,” “Superfudge.” It’d be fun to revisit these.


      1. I don’t know. Since it’s been a few years for us since we’ve read these books, I’m sure we’d view them differently. I still think it’d be fun. Have you ever read her adult novel, “Summer Sisters”? I wondered about that one, but hadn’t ever read it.


      2. I haven’t read “Summer Sisters” but I did know that she had at least one adult novel out there. I think I’ll add that to my author wish list. And maybe I’ll read one of those old faves to see how the magic feels to me now after all. She is part of the reason I love to read and write. 🙂


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