It Finally Happened!

I finally found a make-up brand that I trust to put on my face!  It has taken years for me to feel this enthusiastic about color cosmetics.

If you don’t already know how important it is to me to put healthy things in my life this should give you some idea.  I make my toothpaste, hand soap, deodorant, bath salt and all-purpose cleaner.  I am serious about living a long, healthy, quality life.


100% Pure cosmetics passed my test.  This is their website:


This is the kit I bought so that I could try a few different products.  It comes in a lovely, sturdy box with a magnetic closure.



I love the way my Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea smells like blueberries, goes on smooth, and washes off so easily.  I’ve heard of women having tearing with all natural mascaras, but I’ve had all good experiences with this one.  And I’m a contact lens wearer.


The Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow color in Sateen also went on very smoothly and came off when I wanted it to.


My Fruit Pigmented Blush Color in Chiffon comes in a really nice looking, shiny, pink case.  I thought the blush would be too pink for me, but it looks really nice.


Oh, and if you receive something from them that you don’t like, you can return it.  That’s according to their advertising.  I haven’t actually returned anything personally.


My absolute favorite item in the kit is the Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze color in Velveteen.  This color looks great on me, smells great, moisturizes my lips, and comes in a sleek, shiny tube.



I learned of 100 Pure when my daughter, the aesthetician, was looking for a product line for her salon.  She contacted them by phone and was treated very well by the gal she spoke to.  The gal immediately offered to send my daughter a sample envelope of body lotions and eye cream.  They also offered to send one to me after I purchased my kit.


We were both really impressed with what came in the mail so when it came time to order a new mascara, which is what I really needed, I checked them out. I am really glad that I did.


I showed my kit to another aesthetician friend of mine who has had her own make-up line, which she (sadly for me) discontinued.  If she was still selling make-up I wouldn’t have had a reason to go looking for new make-up.


What did she think?  She loved it, and she said “Finally” when I told her it was fruit pigmented.


I am very pleased with 100 Percent Pure and will definitely be buying from them again!  They have a bunch more lip glazes I’d like to have.


2 thoughts on “It Finally Happened!

  1. They have very pretty lip glazes. What a fun and pretty case with all of the goodies in it, too. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing your find.


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