What is the Healthiest Sweetener?


Happy Wednesday, everybody!

I get this question a lot, and I think this short video answers the question very nicely,



2 thoughts on “What is the Healthiest Sweetener?

  1. Good stuff to know. We recently ate at a hibachi grill, and they didn’t have the sweetener I normally use for iced tea. I wasn’t sure what was similar as far as what they had (if I see it again, I’ll remember the name so I can tell you). Whatever it was I ended up using made the tea taste terrible. Made me wish I would’ve just asked for water.


    1. That’s too bad about the sweetener changing the taste of the tea like that.

      Date sugar is the type of sweetener you would have to bring with you in most cases from my experience. Some health food restaurants will have it. I’ve learned not to use a sweetener at all because of my hypoglycemic tendencies but if I was choosing at most restaurants my first choice would be honey, then Sugar in the Raw, and finally plain old white sugar.


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