Timeless – A Poem Inspired by Camille Pissaro’s Painting “Heritage Garden at Maison Rouge”

Timeless – One Poem with Three Beginnings



A lovely lady


                                                            On a lovely day


Captured for all time


                                                            On public display


The artist’s view of the world


                                                            We see


A colorful interpretation


                                                            A common event


A lucky event

If you ask me

A child at intense play in the garden


So much more still than a “real” child so small

A woman, unknown to us, a nanny, a mother?  Watches nearby, her head in her sewing, her head in her reality, yet closely attuned to the child in the way of women.


The plants are represented with so much detail

To retain life immortal


A standard building of the time

Standard, we trust.

For who are we to know for sure?

The building rests solidly on the ground


I am struck

By how much artists throughout history have adored plants, nature, and translated that beauty that could truly be worth a thousand words


No matter how many millions of appreciators will walk through this room

Our tender lady will forever remain in silent contemplation of her sewing

The child shall forever remain involved in his play

The trees and flowers in perfect manicure

And the trained and untrained alike

In awe


 I’ve submitted this poem to the GoodReads October Newsletter Contest.  Wish me luck!


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