Black Satin by Donna Kauffman

“Black Satin” got a hot facelift when it was issued on Kindle in December 2012. I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe otherwise, so I think the story is exactly the same as when it was originally published in 1994.

The reason I chose to read Donna Kauffman is the adorable covers for her latest Cupcake Club books. When an author comes to my attention I like to go back and read them from the beginning to watch their career blossom. That’s how I ended up in 1994, reading “Black Satin.” There is some action and drama, but it is light. There is the requisite (for me) passion between Kira and Cole. And the cutest part of the story, the dolphins.

I recommend “Black Satin” for an easy, charming, light-hearted rainy afternoon read. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Black Satin by Donna Kauffman

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