Rules Can Be Good

It’s my first Friday Fictoneer’s entry! You can read the prompt here:

Cricket stumbled into her position on the factory floor. There were piles of bud to seed. It must not go out with seeds in it. The seeds belonged to the factory owners.

Demand was up, up, up. Cricket was down, down, down.

A little wouldn’t hurt.

Cricket smoked to her hearts content. She woke many hours later when it was dark. Everyone was gone.

The ganja had worn off. The sign made sense. No smoking in the factory.


35 thoughts on “Rules Can Be Good

      1. I feel that if I don’t like what I write, my chances of someone else not liking it are pretty high.

        I’m working on FF this week, getting my novel ready for publication, and a humor poetry contest. Prompt is fun, but not a priority for me right now.


  1. Oh my! I can’t believe I missed your first foray into Friday Fictioneers. Welcome and well done. The sign was indeed there for a reason though I don’t one could blame her. Though now would be a good time to disappear. I bet the owners will be none to pleased.


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