Which One Do You Like? Two Options for A Message to Share

A Message to SharePhoto-0090

I’ve been playing with picmonkey, creating ideas for A Message to Share.  If you would be so kind, could you tell me which one you prefer?  And why?  I would truly appreciate it.

I will be posting A Message to Share reading tomorrow.  The topic is personal path of enlightenment.


Much love!






10 thoughts on “Which One Do You Like? Two Options for A Message to Share

  1. I like the flowers, the contrast of their soft color with the rocks. I can see where the message is harder to read with the light letters going into the flower petals. Would there be a way to resize and shift the message to the top left area just to see what it might look like?


  2. The flowers and stones! Kinda yang/yang ish…..but you need to do something about the font to make it easier to read ❤


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