Interviews With Inspiring People…Hannah Kaminsky

8446970911_590b2315e0_zPlease join me in welcoming Hannah Kaminsky.



She inspires me with her talent, her incredible photography, her warmth, her humility, her success, and her compassion. She is the author of four delectable cookbooks.  I’m excited to share the news that some of her cookbooks will soon be  available in French, with wonderful new covers!

Hannah’s Latest Cookbook:



Hannah’s First Cookbook:



I met Hannah through a wonderful recommendation from blogger Janet Webb. Thank you, Janet! Looking at Hannah’s blog, I was drawn to learning more about her approach to veganism. Hannah was very happy to talk with me today and to answer her ten questions. She has read some of my interviews before, so I expect that she expects random questions. I did not disappoint.

Gina: What advice do you have for people who want to take photographs that are as colorful and cheerful as yours?

The key is to add a wide variety of complimentary colors into every composition. If you shoot a brown cookie on a brown plate in a brown scene, the results will be predictably drab. Shake things up and don’t go with standard palates! Try unexpected shades, like rich jewel-tone amethyst and turquoise instead of simple purple or blue. Whenever you’re working with such bold tones though, always remember to use plenty of whites for relief, to prevent the color from becoming overwhelming.



Gina: Do you have any plans to publish a savory cookbook?

Well, I have plenty of ideas and dreams, but no serious plans yet.


Gina: Finish this sentence: The best things in life are ________.

Shared! I always travel alone and frequently work alone, but the most wonderful, memorable, and marvelous moments in life are those that are experienced with other people.


Gina: Who and/or what has inspired you to become the awesome person you are today?

There are far too many people and things to cover in just a few sentences, but I would have to say that the two biggest influences have been my decision to go vegan 11 years ago, and the guidance of my good friend and former boss Sue Cadwell. Becoming vegan has taught me compassion for all living things, given me my culinary point of view, and opened up my eyes to an entirely new world of foods. Sue was the one who got me started cooking, teaching me everything from knife skills to food safety.

Gina: What advice do you have for people who want to publish a cookbook?

Have a clear plan; know what you want to say, who your audience is, who your competition is, and how you will promote your book. These days, writing the book is the easy part! Getting it the attention it deserves and into the hands of your adoring fans is the real challenge. Consider contacting a literary agent before approaching any publishers, since an agent can get you a better contract than you would be able to negotiate for yourself.

Gina: Have you created any recipes combinations that no one thought would work, but turned out fabulous?

I always have crazy ideas, and although my family tends to be hesitant about the particularly unusual pairings, I’m lucky that they’re open to at least trying anything once. My blueberry-beet pates de fruit were one of those questionable treats that turned out to be a big hit, even amongst the beet-haters! That recipe ended up getting published in Vegan Desserts.

Gina: How much time does it take to put one of your blog posts together? They are among the most beautiful of any I have seen.

Why thank you! Each blog post comes together bit by bit, so I don’t often think about the total amount of time it takes for each to be completed. For a recipe post, I’ll usually make the recipe twice before styling and photographing the results, and that whole process probably takes about 2 – 3 hours. Editing the photos takes about an hour after that. Finally, I have to actually write the post, which I would guess takes around 1 ½ – 2 more hours. I spread all of those steps out over the course of many days, but a whole lot of time goes into each post that you see!

Gina: What advice or resources can you offer to those who would like to become vegan, or stay vegan, but have concerns about getting the right nutrients?

If you’re worried about getting the proper nutrients and being a healthy vegan, always seek the advice of a nutritionist who’s well-versed in alternative diets. Most doctors are shockingly inexperienced when it comes to working with vegans, so your general practitioner may not be the best person to ask in this case. Even if there is no one locally who fits the bill, search online and reach out to anyone with an email address. There are plenty of people who can help you remotely, so there’s no reason you can’t get the help and expertise you need.

Gina: Can we clone you? Please, please, pretty please?

Haha, I wish you would! I could really use a second pair of hands to wash all the dishes, at least. 😉


Gina: What advice would do you have for any readers who are going through tough times right now?

My favorite quote of all time comes from Winston Churchill: “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” Even when things seem impossible to overcome, you’ve got to keep your head above water, and you’ve got to keep on swimming. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, just keep going- eventually you’ll get somewhere.

Thank you for joining us today, Hannah! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better.


Hannah Kaminsky is the author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan a la Mode, Vegan Desserts, and Easy as Vegan Pie, and creator of the award-winning blog She is a baker, writer, and photographer, working towards her BFA in commercial photography. In addition to authoring cookbooks, she contributes regularly to VegNews, Allergic Living, and Laika magazines. She has developed recipes for “Health in a Hurry” restaurant, the Wild Blueberry Association of North America, as well as food manufacturers such as VitaSoy and So Delicious. Recognized for her talents in many facets of the food industry, she has won accolades from Bravo, VegNews, the Well Fed Network, among others.

Hannah has been fine-tuning her sweet tooth since birth, but has only been baking since going vegan at age 14.


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  1. Welcome to Fiesta Friday Gina!! It is so nice to meet you…and I’m so impressed with this interview! How exciting to be able to interview such influential people…I love this. Thank you so much for sharing..and I cannot wait to catch up with you.. Have a wonderful rest of your week.. ❤


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