“Keep It Simple: Permission to Illuminate Your Life Easily, Effortlessly, & Joyfully” Workbook Exercise 6-2014: Problem Solving



“Keep It Simple: Permission to Illuminate Your Life Easily, Effortlessly, & Joyfully” has something to celebrate!  It’s now available as an eBook!



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Now I’d like to take the opportunity to help you with solving one of your biggest challenges.  For this exercise,  I recommend choosing only one to work with.  Work with the same challenge until you’re satisfied with the results.  Then move on to another problem.

Choose a time to open your “can of worms” when you can truly devote at least an hour to exploring, journalling, and meditating on it.  Journal all of your thoughts about it.  Ask yourself every question you can think of.  Truly explore every angle you can find to look at.  The purpose of this exercise is to satisfy yourself that you’re not hiding away from something you’re afraid of, or ashamed of.

Take time to breathe through your feelings.  You have 100% of your own attention right now in your mind, your body, and your spirit.  Really let yourself relax and explore.  If you need to forgive yourself, forgive yourself.  If you need to forgive someone else, and you’re ready to, forgive them.  If you need to express a gentle truth, express it.

You will come to a place where your thoughts start to repeat themselves. That’s when you’re ready to look at your problem with the tools from the technique from “In Closing,” in the workbook.  Which one of the three is it?  Is it time to gather more information?  Is it time to allow things to unfold, because you’ve already done all that you can?  Or is it time to take action right away?

If it’s time to take action right away, and you’re not sure which action to take, visit the toolbox in chapter one.  Choose as many of the tools there as appeal to you, and take action.

As always, I’m happy to lend an ear if you have a question.

I’d be honored to hear how problem solving is going for you.  What was in your can of worms?  If you have something private to share, feel free to connect on Facebook or through e-mail.

Much love always,









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