5-Star Book Review: The Kalarthri by H.M. Clarke


I’ve been particularly pleased to read two wonderful, suitable for all ages, fantasy books in a row. Both are by new-to-me authors. Both are the first in their series. Both feature 10-year-old main characters. Honest, I didn’t plan this. It’s a case of the Universe delivering to me what I like to ask for from a book – good times.

“The Kalarthri” (The Way to Freedom, Book 1), as I mentioned above, is a fantasy about a young girl, Kalena, who is born into a feudal society where she, as second born, is automatically a servant. Neither I, nor Kalena, had any idea of what the future held for her. I braced myself in case I was in for a long, sad tale full of abuse and violence. H.M. Clarke instead delivered a tale that was sugar and spice, where the spice was a welcome accent. The story is highly imaginative, flows well, and kept me interested from beginning to end.

An imaginative tale where Kalena grows in many ways, I highly recommend this book for a parent-child read. You know, where you, and your child, read the same book at the same time, so you can talk about it? Or how about for a family read where you take turns reading aloud?

I invite you to join my discussion for “The Kalarthri” on Goodreads. One of the best parts of reading good books, is reading good books and sharing them with one another.

As always, thanks for reading.



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