5-Star Book Review: “Are We Normal: Funny, True Stories From an Everyday Family” by Christina Scalise



Funny? Yes. True? Yes. Normal? No. I find them extraordinary.

I laughed the first time I sat down to enjoy my morning non-fiction read with “Are We Normal: Funny, True Stories From an Everyday Family”, which is a great sign when the book has funny in the title. It’s a big claim, and I don’t believe it until I’ve laughed a few times.

If the title included all the adjectives I would give to it, it would read, “Are We Normal: Funny, True, Touching, Wise, Loving Stories from a Humble Everyday Family”. Growing up in their house sounds like something most of us would sign up for.

A favorite story for me is “The Ten-Year Plan for Vehicles”. The punch line was so funny I had to read the story out loud. I also loved “Apples”, “Toilet Paper”, and the pet stories. Bobber, one of their beloved pet cats, was a riot. We can all empathize for what it feels like when we’ve lost a family member, as they did with Bobber.

I sincerely hope that Christina Scalise writes more humor stories. I’m waiting.

I’m starting a discussion for this book on Goodreads. Come on over and join me if you pick up a copy.

As always, thank you for reading.



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