Blogroll Tag with The Author Collaborative Network

Does my energy seem busy to you? Maybe excited? If you said yes, you are right. H.M. Clarke and I recently put together a wonderful group on Goodreads called The Author Collaborative Network, where authors come together to support one another.

If you are an author and would like to join us, please get in touch with me on Goodreads. We’d love to have you. Today’s blogroll tag is part of The Author Collaborative Network, a.k.a. ACN or the Network.

How do we play blogroll tag?  One of us asks a question, the person who is asked the question answers it, and then asks a new question of the next person, and so on until it stops.  If it stops.  Who says it has to?  Not me.  🙂

Fellow Network member Melissa Barker-Simpson, author of several wonderful books including her new release Hands of Evil: Morgan and Fairchild Series (Volume 2), asked me this question. To see the question that H.M. Clarke asked Melissa Barker-Simpson, click here.


“What do you think paranormal romance novels like The Dreaming and Desert Sunrise contribute to the world?”

Well, Melissa, I think that books like The Dreaming and Desert Sunrise potentially contribute a lot to the world. For one, they help people with paranormal abilities to understand some of the ways those abilities can work to improve the quality of their own lives; they also offer a realistic view of how to use those abilities.

In addition to those reasons, romance novels likes the ones I’ve published also offer uplifting entertainment and raise the bar for what people can offer one another in real life romance.  As a bonus, if the stories put the reader in a good mood, that’s good for them and everyone around them.

Now, I get to ask my question. I chose Hiram Crespo. You can read Hiram’s answer by clicking here. Hiram, will you share three books that inspired or influenced you to write your book Epicurean philosophy?

As always, thank you for reading.


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