“Archetypal Chakras: Meditations and Exercises for Opening Your Chakras” by Arnold Bittlinger Group Read Invitation

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I started reading “Archetypal Chakras: Meditations and Exercises for Opening Your Chakras” by Arnold Bittlinger on the 11th of this month, and I’ve been so impressed by what I’m reading that I wanted to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested to join me in reading the book and practicing the exercises. I read a few pages each day, so don’t worry about not being able to catch up with me. 😀


We can discuss the book here in the comments.

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7 thoughts on ““Archetypal Chakras: Meditations and Exercises for Opening Your Chakras” by Arnold Bittlinger Group Read Invitation

  1. I took several pages of notes from the first pages of the book outlining the origins of the names of the chakras. That is when I started to feel the need to share this impressive book as a group read.

    I read pages 26 and 27 today and tried the three exercise for harmonizing chakras. The first of the three felt good, though not as good as the chakra balancing technique I recommend from “The Reiki Sourcebook.” All of the techniques are interesting.

    I appreciate hearing from those of you who mentioned that you are ordering the book. As I said, I am reading slowly because I don’t want to be too far ahead.


  2. I didn’t know when I chose to share the book as a group read that it would be difficult to find. To those of you who are waiting for a copy, please know that you can add to this discussion when y ou have the book. The discussion will not disappear before you have a chance to contribute.

    I tried the exercise on page 40, to open the root chakra. It is unlike any others I have tried because it combines an intention to bless the earth, with an affirmation, and a knee bend. I didn’t feel any particular awareness while I was practicing the exercise. I gave myself time to let the exercise sink in before I moved on with the reading, but have not felt compelled to practice it again.

    When I thought of this book over the months that I waited to order it, I was focused on meditations, and anticipated new meditations. Exercises that focus on the physical have a great value, and I am appreciating more what the author meant by focusing on them first.

    The exercise for the polarity chakra on page 51 is as unique as the others have been for me, and I found that I felt freed by the words, and balanced with the movement.

    The exercise for the solar plexus chakra, on page 64, is my favorite so far. I felt very free when I practiced it, and I feel like I may practice it again.


  3. The exercise to develop the heart chakra on page 73 felt awkward to me and didn’t feel effective.

    The definition of the throat chakra opened my perception of it as being connected to more than expression. The exercise for the throat chakra felt the most natural of all of the exercises I have tried in the book. I repeated it many times. It has a cadence to it that I enjoyed. I’m curious to see if I’m drawn to it in the future.


  4. Today I practiced the exercise for opening the brow chakra. The book defines the chakra, called ajna, as meaning instruction. I can identify with that.

    The exercise was comfortable, likeable, and interesting. I can’t say that I felt anything opening.


  5. I enjoyed the exercise for the opening the crown chakra. The exercise is on page 90 of the book. The exercise is comfortable, with parts of it feeling familiar and soothing.

    The color meditation which starts on page 108, is wonderfully written. I read it for my boyfriend, who is not very experienced with meditation, and he enjoyed it, too.

    Page 119 talks about connecting with the power animals in each chakra. This was an entirely new concept for me. When I opened up to the exercise, I met an animal for each chakra. They were grateful for the acknowledgment. This exercise alone is worth reading the book, for me.

    Pages 135-140 contain an exercise of opening each chakra and letting the color for that chakra in. I liked this very much. Some parts of the text were too religious for me personally, but the message is a good one. I learned that Amen means stood firm.


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