Surprise! He Secretly Answered Her Love Letter

One of the couples in my Natural Gifts series of uplifting paranormal romances is Meredith and George Robin.  They are Dana’s parents, the first of my main characters to fall in love in the first book in the series, The Dreaming.

In my latest release, Short Stories From The Dreaming, we learned more about the decades-long romance between Meredith and George.  Today, I’d like to share more of their story.


Meredith blew out a frustrated breath and reached for a small box hiding behind a stack of tall, dusty boxes in the back of the forgotten closet.  Really, she thought, once a box is placed in this closet, what it actually means is that we’re hiding the truth from ourselves; that the box should simply be thrown away.

This small box was so old it was falling apart.  She hadn’t seen it in so long, she didn’t even recognize it.

She flipped the lid off, covering her mouth and nose with her hand, and closing her eyes, to keep the dust out of them.

In moments Meredith knew that she had not seen this box before.  It was filled with George’s mementos.  She gently picked up an envelope she hadn’t touched since she mailed it to him from Texas so many years ago.

Dear George,

Here I am writing to you after we just spent three hours talking on the phone.  I’m writing to you because I already miss you.  Feeling the way I do, I think it’s time for me to make a promise to you.  Our first promise!

I promise that when I graduate, I will move back to Arizona so that we can be with each other instead of spending all our free time on the phone.

There’s no one I’d rather talk to every day, and every day when something interesting happens to me, I want to turn and tell you about it.

I’m telling you something else I’ve never admitted to you…I think I know what it means to love someone now. It’s a gift I couldn’t have understood before I experienced it with you.

Yours with all of my heart,


As she read it decades later, Meredith cried big, heartfelt tears. Yes, George had introduced her to love. The sweetest love she had never imagined.

Meredith sifted through the rest of the box. She found a letter, addressed to her old apartment, with a stamp, but no post mark. It was in George’s memento box, which caused her to pause while she considered whether or not she should open the letter.

It’s addressed to me, she reasoned; then gently eased it open.

Dear Merry,

I have a dream, and that dream is that one day you will not only live in the same state with me, but in the same home. I dream that you will share my name, my life, and my children with me. I love you so much, I even dream of what we will fight about. Is there something wrong with me? You’re the expert.

Yours always,


Meredith’s fat tears dripped onto her old nightshirt. It was one of George’s t-shirts that she grabbed when he tried to throw it out. His shirts covered her just enough, and they were soft from many washings. She loved how it smelled of him.

When George came home that evening, he was met with his favorite meal, and his lovely bride wearing his favorite lingerie.

He thought to ask her why he was getting all of his favorites tonight, but decided to indulge them instead. As they cuddled into their soft, cozy bed, he thanked her for a wonderful evening.

Meredith reached under her pillow and pulled the unsent letter out for him to see. “I found this when I was cleaning the closet. I wonder why you never mailed it to me.”

George took the yellowed envelope, kissing Meredith’s fingers as he did. Reading the letter for the first time in so many years, he laughed to himself. “I didn’t mail it, Merry, because I was still afraid I’d scare you off. You were as independent then as you are now.

“I had no idea I still had it. Well, what do you think, Mrs. Robin? Would you have been scared off by this, back then?”

“You know me so well, George. Yes, I think I would have. You made the right choice.”

“I must have kept it so you could see it someday. When you were ready.”

“Did I mention that you’re brilliant?” Meredith pulled George close for another kiss, feeling lovely passion build a fire in them again. A fire that burned slow, long, and bright into the early morning hours.


I hope you enjoyed this look into Meredith and George’s romance as much as I did.

As always, thank you for reading,


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6 thoughts on “Surprise! He Secretly Answered Her Love Letter

  1. That’s so beautiful – their love just lit up the screen. I’ve been without internet for a week and if I can expect these kind of treats upon my return, I should take a break more often 🙂


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