5-Star Book Review: Animals In My Hair by Mili Fay

Mili Fay has debuted with a wonderfully illustrated children’s book, Animals in my Hair.  814JTeIHVBL._SL1500_

The story is charming, with engagingly illustrated characters, and a clever eBook format.  Mili was kind enough to create videos to help readers get the complete experience her book has to offer.  Watching the videos before I read the book added a lot to the story.

I read Animals In My Hair from the perspective of a parent who has read a lot of books to her children when they were in their younger years, and as an expectant grandmother who is looking forward to reading this story to my grandchild.

I knew right away that this book is a treasure that will be spoken of long after it is read.


Mili Fay, a Toronto-based artist, classical animator, illustrator, writer, and singer is an award winning graduate of Sheridan College and Art Instruction Schools. In November of 2011 she created Mili Fay Art to support the world one artwork at a time. “Animals In My Hair” is her debut picture book and her latest work of art.

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4 thoughts on “5-Star Book Review: Animals In My Hair by Mili Fay

  1. This sounds delightful 🙂 I loved reading stories to my girls, and now reading to my nephew. This seems like just the kind of book to add a touch of magic. I hope your daughter is well – I’m sure you’re all glowing and looking forward to the little miracle to arrive.


      1. Unfortunately they haven’t picked up my habit, but they’re teenagers – so I’m hoping that will change!

        I’m so glad Nina is well. It’s lovely you can all share the experience 🙂


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