A Message to Share: Shifting Gracefully

A Message to Share 2

Shifting Gracefully

I have been living this one lately!  In a little over two months I was promoted to cooking in the deli, became a grandmother, my son turned eighteen and graduated from high school, I published my first anthology, and my relationship with my boyfriend of four and a half years grew blissfully closer.  I believe it came together gracefully for all of us.

Our spirit animals would like to help you with graceful shifting, whether you are trying to shift something in your life, or if you find yourself shifting and not having an easy time with it, or really any other scenario that they can come up with.

Let’s hear from the animal spirits, shall we?

If you are seeking a shift, seagull has this message to share with you:  “You know that you have the power, the freedom, to make the changes you want in your life.  Feel the confidence of knowing that the changes will come.”

If you feel that your life is shifting out of control, seagull has this message to share with you:  “Perspective is everything.  Where you see yourself determines how you react to what is happening to you.  Things are happening quickly.  There is no doubt about that.  Remember all the times you were frustrated because things were moving too slow for you?  Now you have the speed you wanted then.  Look always for the bright side and focus on it.  Focus on what is going right.  Spend as little time as you can thinking of your changes as wrong, bad, or undeserved.  Focus on the perspective that makes you feel the best.”

If you find yourself feeling angry about the shifts taking place in your life, squirrel has this message to share with you:  “You have many resources you are not focusing on.  Anger is blinding.  It is consuming energy you can use to make the changes taking place in your life work to your advantage.  Look at your situation from the perspective of what you can do.  Continually look for what action you can take.  As you explore, you will notice that your focus is shifting.  You will notice that some courses of action you forgot about, or that you abandoned because you were too upset to pursue them, are there and ready for you to act on.  Most of all, remember that you are abundant.  There is no lack for you.”

If you are feeling depressed about the shifts taking place in your life, eagle has this message to share with you:  “Moving through the down times brings you to the good times.  The great times.  You are powerful.  Think.  What can you do to ease your sadness?  What can you focus on to lift yourself up?  You have wings, use them.  You have power.  Use it.”

If you find yourself feeling ecstatic about the shifts taking place in your life, but others are not supportive (or are jealous), doe has this message for you:  “Use your deep intuition to protect your joy.  Deep inside your experience you know why this person, or that group of people, are upset by your changes.  Use your awareness to shield your joy.  Let go of your guilt.  Experience your happiness.  Who did what you did to get where you are right now?  That was you.  And it is you who can enjoy the results of your efforts.”

I hope you find seagull, squirrel, eagle, and doe’s messages to be helpful.  You know how they love to help!

As always, thank you for reading,


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