Am I Crazy Or Just Spiritual?

A few months ago Cyhndi Mora, one of my best friends, was inspired to start a Facebook group for those who are coming into their spiritual awareness.  The inspiration seeded from this fantastic article about the difference between the way a Shaman views awakenings, versus a viewpoint of seeing mental or physical illness, from the same set of symptoms.

Cyhndi invited several seekers to take part in the group new group, called Am I Crazy Or Just Spiritual, to offer guidance and support for what I’m calling shakti unwinding.  I am honored to be a part of the group. If you would like to join us, you can request to join the group.  Whether you have guidance to offer, are interested in forming friendships with like-minded people, would like to share your experience, or all of the above, we welcome you with open arms.

I had an experience I would like to share.  It lasted for months.  If anyone was looking close enough, they might have been worried.  The fact was, though I ate surprisingly little food, I did not lose weight.  At the time, I was meditating for an average of three hours every day.

I wasn’t anorexic.  I was being fed by my meditations.

How does someone with a degree in nutrition allow themselves not to eat regularly?  Well, for one, I wasn’t hungry.  Isn’t that one of the definitions of anorexia, you ask?  Normally, I would say yes, it is.

Add to this the fact that I was a newly single mom.  My hypoglycemic tendencies should have started rearing their heads, bringing headaches, irritability, fatigue, and nausea.

I experienced zero symptoms of hypoglycemia.  In fact, I felt fantastic.

My overall health improved.

In time, my eating habits returned to normal.  I was meditating less.  I think those two factors are related.

These days I meditate for around a half an hour a day.  Unless I’m shifting, then I will spend at least an hour aligning myself through meditation and self-Reiki treatments.  My weight is normal for my body frame.  I eat more than people think I do based on my appearance.  My hypoglycemic tendencies are under control through a balanced diet.  I still feel great.

I wonder if I will ever meditate for three hours a day again, and if I do, will I be fed by spirit again?

There is always mystery in the mystery.  I like it that way.

Do you?

What do you think?  Have you experienced an awakening that symptomatically seemed like an illness?

As always, thank you for reading,


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2 thoughts on “Am I Crazy Or Just Spiritual?

  1. Very interesting Gina. Whenever I go under a major spiritual shift my appetite lessens but I do crave more water which I drink a lot of anyway. I have had times of higher, deeper, more meaningful meditations where I don’t feel the need for food; never for as long as months though.

    I have also gained much insight from the group “Am I Spiritral Or Just Crazy?”. My daughters and I have talked for years about how; because of the things we experience; we could be among those so called “crazies” hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling things others around us don’t. Because we shared these things, we came to understand that there is nothing *wrong* with us but doctors would want to heavily medicate and possibly institutionalize us.

    Your experience of being fed by meditation makes sense because we are Spiritual Beings in a physical body. If the type of fuel (meditation) sustains the particular engine (spirit self) the extras (food) are maintenance (keeping air in the tires so we can move).

    You aren’t crazy my dear, just spiritual 🙂

    Love, Light and Peace


  2. It’s wonderful to see you here on my blog, Diane!

    For those of you who haven’t met her, Diane is a fellow Reiki Master Teacher, and admin on the “Am I Crazy Or Just Spiritual” FB group. Visit the group to see Diane’s spirit candy designs and messages. Talk about food for the spirit!

    I’m glad I posted about this, because I haven’t talked about how I was fed by spirit for those months. Like so many, I thought I was the only one.

    I agree with your opinion, Diane. I am not crazy, nor was I anorexic. I am just spiritual.


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