Dana and Lucy’s Favorite Animal Videos #2

By now you’ve figured out that Lucy* and I** spend time on our phones watching animal videos because they are too good to pass up, and too good not to share.  We don’t plan these things; one of us will just wander into the other’s office and we’ll watch the video together.  When we find one as adorable as this, we have to share it with you guys, too.

Oh, and we don’t think our author would mind that we’re posting videos on our own.  Do you?  So far, she hasn’t said anything.  She’s busy finishing up the third novel in the series.  Wait until you see what happens in that book!

You’ll have to let us know which animals are your favorites.  The bunny has my vote, while the peek-a-boo at the end has Lucy’s.

Thanks for watching!

Dana and Lucy

*Our author has a newsletter, and we’ve seen great stuff there, too.  If you’re not receiving it, you can sign up for it here.

*I’m Dana Carapelli-Jacobs, the main character in the first book of the Natural Gifts series by Gina Briganti.  You can read about how I discover the love of my life, and a whole other plane of existence in my book, The Dreaming.

**Lucy Shannon-Spellman has her own romance in Desert Sunrise, book two of the Natural Gifts series of uplifting paranormal romances by Gina Briganti.  When you read it, you’ll see more and more why this series is called Natural Gifts.

Oh, and feel free to send us links to your favorite animal videos.  We always have time for one more.


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