Holistic Health 101 Virtual Class Registration Closing


The Reiki Cafe logoHolistic Health 101: February 6th from 10:00-11:30. Register by January 30th. Instructor: Gina Briganti. This class is available by Google+ Hangout only. Are you drinking enough water? Eating enough fiber? Do you sleep well and wake feeling ready for a new day? These are some of the questions we’ll explore in Holistic Health 101. Feel free to bring your nutrition questions to class. The fee for this class is $20.  To register Contact: thereikicafe@gmail.com.  If you are new to Google + Hangouts, Gina will gladly schedule a brief meeting with you before your class or see the link above for a brief tutorial.

Gina and Cyhndi thank you gratefully for the time you spend with us 🙂

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