Blooming Clean’s Nontoxic Cleaning 101 Registration Closing

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Blooming Clean’s Nontoxic Cleaning 101: February 13th from 1:30-3:00pm PST, 2:30-4:00pm MT. Register by February 6th. Instructor: Cyhndi Mora. This class is available by Google Hangouts only.* The class will cover everything you need to put together your own cleaners at home with a few simple ingredients and in a very short time. You’ll also receive a 4-page handout that includes formulations for cleaning everything from Stainless steel appliances to toilet bowls, sent to your email PLUS a link to a recording of the class to review at your leisure…all for just $20 a class.  Contact Cyhndi at to register.

If you are new to Google + Hangouts, Cyhndi will gladly schedule a brief meeting with you before your class or see the link above for a brief tutorial.

Gina and Cyhndi thank you gratefully for the time you spend with us 🙂

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