The Dreaming – Installment #15

The Dreaming

She thought about how odd her dream was as she told Jenny where she had hung her “missing” sweatshirt in her closet. She kept her tone neutral, knowing the day would be smoother if they didn’t start it the way she was tempted to start it.

Her mind flashed over the day ahead while she stood in the shower, deliciously warm water sluicing down her body as she lathered with her favorite vanilla scented body wash.

She could hear her son, Jason, in the other shower, getting ready for the day. They would be zooming down the street to school soon. Not together. They were vetoing ride sharing lately. Her suggestion that they should keep sharing expenses was met with the answer that since they had jobs and paid for the gas they should be able to choose if they went together or not. Who could argue with that?


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