The Dreaming – Installment #17

The Dreaming

The sleek notebook computer in front of her held her notes for the latest incarnation of “Dana Cooks.” The new cookbook was “Dana Cooks for Company” and promised to make impressing your guests easy. She was almost out of the testing phase now. The copy was written. Other unlucky people on the team were figuring out the nuts and bolts of photographing the food. She pinched herself thinking that she was now in the final stages of her 7th book and her fans were anxious to own it.

Thank goodness she had Jason and his friends to help eat the food when she was testing because if they wouldn’t eat it nobody would. Their enormous appetites appealed to her sense of economy, too, because there was rarely anything to throw away.

The hours melted by as she chopped, washed, cooked, noted, and tasted her creations, refining them to the perfection she was famous for.


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