5-Star Review: Animals As Teachers & Healers by Susan Chernak McElroy



Some authors have serious skills when it comes to pacing and segues. Susan Chernak McElroy is one of those authors.

      Reading about the ways that Keesha, McElroy’s canine companion who passed away from cancer, helped the author through her own cancer, was a real treat.

     Stories of wolf medicine in “Facing Up” moved Gina to tears. One story told of a horse physically placing himself between his owner and an abuser attempting to hit her. Horses are loyal and gallant; this story highlighted their true natures. In chapter three Gina cracked up when she read about skunk medicine. “Vigil of the Cemetery Dog,” is a story unlike any she has read. It rang true and expanded her belief in what is possible. “Sadie’s Tear” provided comfort to a grieving daughter and taught Gina a new, deeper way to view compassion and the way that guilt and grief can…

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