West Virginia Food Drive


West VirginiaFlood Relief

First, we would like to say thank you to all who have donated food, and their time, to helping those who need us in West Virginia. We will continue to collect food donations until the end of July. There’s still time to get involved! Our hosts receive free and half-off Thrive Life food, which they can donate to the food drive, or keep for their own use, or donate it somewhere else. Hosts, thank you for your efforts! They mean so much to us!

These are examples of the foods you can donate to the food drive. We have everything from a pantry can of oatmeal to a one year supply of food for four people. Can openers are also very much appreciated!

Let us know if you would like a receipt for your donation.




We have a big selection of fruits, vegetables, yogurts, cheeses and meats that can be…

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