August 2016 Class Schedule

Contact:,, 760-366-0368

Instructor: Gina Briganti

Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Health Consultant, Thrive Life Independent Consultant

Reiki Level II (Practitioner): August 6th from 10:00 – 3:00. Register by June 30th. Class includes certificate, guided meditation to meet your level II guide, Q&A with your guide, treatment practice, distant Reiki practice, lunch and snacks. The fee for the class is $220.

Accepting Abundance Workshop: August 13th from 10:00-1:00. Register by August 6th. Explore what your relationship is with receiving financial abundance. During the workshop we’ll use muscle testing and Reiki to find answers and energize your approach to abundance in a fun, effortless way. The fee for the workshop is $60.

Scrumptious Saturday Share: August 20th from 2:30-3:30. Register by August 13th. Bring the family to visit and share about living the Thrive Life. We’ll have new products to share! You will have the opportunity to order Thrive Life ingredients…

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