Free Shipping on Snackies! Now Until 1/15/17

Details: If you order Snackies only, your shipment will be free. If you order other items with your Snackies, the Snackies total will not be added into the shipping. This applies whether you are ordering on your Q or individually. Does not apply to host benefits orders.

Example: your order is $75.00 on items other than Snackies. You then add five bags of Snackies. You will still only pay $7.99 for your shipping.

We have 18 varieties of Snackies to choose from. Order directly from my site or call me on my land line (760) 366-0368 if you’d like me to help you with placing your order.

Thanks for thriving with me!


Thrive Life Independent Consultant

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2 thoughts on “Free Shipping on Snackies! Now Until 1/15/17

    1. Happy New Year, Sherri! We’ve all been trying to catch up from the holiday season. It’s nice to hear from you!

      Feel free to share this post. Free shipping on Snackies is awesome! Healthy snacks that travel well and they are a good price.


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