February Thrive Life Specials!



This month’s special is the A Taste of Thrive Intro Pack. It comes with recipes and ingredients to make four entrees and three side dishes. Shipping is free this month only, making this a perfect fit for a $100 Q. Of course, you will also receive your $3.00 in Q points when you order the pack.

The pack includes:

Seasoned chicken slices
Onion slices
Green chiles
Red bell peppers
Sweet corn
Chef’s choice seasoning
Rich chicken gravy
Brown rice
Instant Black Beans

Start Your Q
When you commit to the Q for at least $100 each month you will receive a lot of free bonuses, like free food, a free mini analysis or a free chakra balancing and bonus Q points you redeem for free food whenever you like for each dollar you spend.
I suggest you save them up for our big sale in April. That’s what I’m…

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