There’s a New Indie Bookstore in Town – Introducing Pipe & Thimble

This is what Barb Lieberman of Pipe & Thimble Bookstore had to say about what I hope will become a neighborhood icon.
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Pipe & Thimble Bookstore, much like its publishing company counterpart, is founded on the principles of (my parents) Richard and Peg Austin’s doll house miniature business in the late 70’s by the same name. We strive to treat all authors, artisans, and other indies with respect, fairness, and integrity. We will create a haven that returns to the original roots of storytelling with a focus of community, bringing forth those voices that are so essential, and yet so often unheard.
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What makes our store unique, beyond only carrying self-published and small press books, is that every single book faces out. All those amazing covers authors work so hard to get right are seen and appreciated… and picked up. Since our grand opening, we’ve had paying customers in the store every single day. It’s been such a thrill to see so many books leaving in the hands of appreciative readers.
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 We also don’t ‘end with the sale’. We offer our customers a small token (a lollipop, a lifesaver, etc.) on a card asking them to post a review on Amazon and just how to word it to help ensure it will be accepted and posted. We want to give our authors the entire experience, including gaining those all-important reviews. And we have more ideas on that front coming in the future.
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​Along with providing a platform for and promoting indie authors, local handmade artisans, musicians, and others within the indie circle, we will also offer a place to further their own reach within the South Bay, as well as working with local schools, charities, libraries, other local business, and the Kiwanis Club on joint events that support reading, learning, and community.

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​As independent authors and artisans ourselves, we know the struggles that accompany getting product in stores and in a way that benefits the author/maker. We also know the difficulty of finding locations that work with those in the indie circle for events. We strive to do both in a way that will benefit all parties involved in a reasonable way (be it financially, scheduling, etc.). We also host a myriad of events that are not necessarily book related, but should draw in different demographics of potential readers who will be exposed to the books simply by being in the store. You can check out our upcoming events on our FB page to see just what we have planned.


Pipe & Thimble Publishing and Bookstore
“The small press with a big heart”/ “Doing Indie Better”
The address:
24830 Narbonne Avenue
Lomita, California
Where you will find me camping out when I visit the store:
coffee area_ EML
And lest you think Barb doesn’t have manners, she warmly thanked me for offering to share the news about the new bookstore. You’re welcome, Barb!
Fellow Indies, do you want to know how to get your book into this store? Click here.
As always, thank you for reading,
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10 thoughts on “There’s a New Indie Bookstore in Town – Introducing Pipe & Thimble

  1. This looks like such a charming shop. I like how they have everything set up and the fact that they feature self published authors and smell presses. I miss have an independent bookshop nearby.


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