The Dreaming – Installment #34

The Dreaming

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Today’s excerpt comes with an announcement! No Yesterdays, Book 3 of the Natural Gifts series, is not in the hands of the proofreader! In the excerpt below you’re starting to know Carter. In No Yesterdays it’s Carter’s turn to see what love is all about. That’s not all, you will also meet Rowan.


Gina Briganti

No Yesterday’s Blurb:

Rowan is fantastically  handsome and endowed with tremendous natural gifts.  He is waiting.  He is watching.  A group of naturally gifted people have come together.  He thinks he’ll surprise them with what he knows, but fate is playfully setting him up.

Fate has helped three couples to find their way to each other. To complete each other and unlock their gifts. Now, fate is done waiting. There’s no looking back now.

There are No Yesterdays



The Dreaming – Excerpt #34

“I’ve got all my stuff, Dad.  I finished some of my math homework, too.  Thanks again for all the food, Mrs. C.  It’s really good.”

Dana appreciated his attempt to show off his manners for his dad. “You are very welcome.  Wednesday is test day.  You’re invited, both of you, for next week.”

“We’ll be here.  Thank you, Dana.  It’s been awhile since I had food this great.  I like home cooking.”


The Dreaming is available now in paperback and eBook formats.

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