Reiki III (ART) Retreat!

The Big Announcement!

We’ve been planning since early last year, and the time has now come to announce our first Reiki retreat! We will be immersing ourselves in the most transformative, relaxing healing there is!

We have five remaining spots.

When: Friday, May 4th through Sunday, May 6th. In 2018, y’all. (Texas is growing on me, and I love it!)

Where: Santa Clarita, CA
(Don’t worry, my new Texas friends. There will be a Reiki I retreat for you. I’m scouting a location in Gunter, which is about an hour from Dallas).

Level: III (ART) Reiki Master! This is the class you’ve been asking for! Please note that this is a Reiki Master, non-teaching, level. If you are interested in becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, talk to us about class dates for that level.

Requirements to Study  Reiki III (ART)

Completion of Levels I & II. If you have not…

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