Thank You to Prolitfic for Inviting me to Judge This Month’s Short Story Competition!

Monthly Competitions
We’ll be holding competitions each month, alternating between short story contests and activity-based contests. Each will have the same general guidelines, except short story competitions will have varied themes. See below for sample guidelines.
  1. Your submission must be in English and less than 5,000 words.
  2. You may submit preexisting or previously published work as long as the work is original and fits the competition theme.
  3. We highly recommend a few explanatory sentences at the beginning or end of your work to clarify the link to the competition theme.
  4. Send a Word doc to Entries may be posted (possibly starting next competition cycle) in the group for members to read through, but ultimate decisions will be made by the competition judge.
  5. The deadline is September 30th. You may submit unlimited entries, but only one piece can be awarded. Prizes: TBD, to be selected by one judge, a guest author. Awards may vary depending on number of entries in this/future cycles and as we experiment with different prizes.



This Means You Have Three More Days to Submit! Go for it!


Is There A Prize If You Win?

Based on popular demand, the prizes for our short story competition will be feedback on your piece from 1-2 published authors/editors/agents or a one-on-one Q&A! Just THREE more days to submit to the short story competition, “Power.”

As a reminder, you may submit repurposed work as long as you can manage a few sentences tying your piece to the theme.

If Prolitfic sounds like your jam, join the Facebook group to stay in the know!

I am excited about reading your entries!


As always, thank you for reading,



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