Deep in the Dreaming by Gina Briganti Release Week Exclusive Excerpt

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“Elena, you know I have baggage. I think you have some, too. Please, accept my apology.”

“Where’s Brittany when you need her?” Elena rubbed her face with her hands. Hard.


“The truth speaker. She could tell me if what you’re telling me is real. I’ve lived almost fifty years without being propositioned the way you just did.”

She crossed her arms across her chest again and searched his eyes.

He didn’t dare look away. She deserved to know about his past. Even if it meant losing the hint of happiness he’d felt with her. “Brittany can interrogate me if that’s what you want. Honestly, I was trying to say that I will take care of you if you need help. I’m sorry for the way I said it, but not for what I meant.”

“I can accept your apology. It’s the future of our relationship I’m trying to understand.” She relaxed enough for the scowl to leave her face. “I need time to work through this, Draper.”

She meant time to work through it on her own. Time to decide if she was going to continue with their relationship. With him.

The panic he felt when he saw that she was getting ready to leave earlier was nothing compared to what he was feeling now. He knew what mattered most to her and he was desperate enough to use it.

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Elena Zucchero has lived and lost in reality. Now she fills her heart through her work as a hypnotherapist by helping her patients improve their lives. But when a nightmare plagues her sleep, she learns her friends have gone missing in an addictive alternate plane. And the only way to save them may require feeding the demons of her handsome new client…

Draper Montgomery painfully resists the call of the Dreaming. But despite his dangerous cravings, he senses his enchanting therapist has a wound he can help heal. And to satisfy his heart’s desire, he may just have to risk the very foundation of his mind…

As Elena and Draper discover a deeper soul connection, the therapist struggles to keep her distance in the hunt for her friends. If the people she loves even want to be saved…

Will the perilous hunt to rescue her friends lose them their lives and their souls?

Deep in the Dreaming is the fourth standalone book in the captivating Natural Gifts paranormal romance series. If you like mysterious worlds, conflicted characters, and love that conquers all, then you’ll adore Gina Briganti’s enthralling tale.

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About the Author


Gina Briganti writes fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi romance in north Texas. She also writes about Reiki (a relaxation technique) and self-help. Her constant companion is a special soul who masquerades as a dog.

Connect with Gina around the web! There’s a websiteFacebook page, Amazon Author Page, YouTube channel,Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads profile.  There are exclusives and announcements in her newsletter, which you can sign up for right here.

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