I’m Back And I Brought A Dragon Home With Me

I’ve been to New York city for #rwa19, where Amber Kell gifted conference attendees with a red dragon, who has not left my bedside since I met him.

Here are more highlights from my trip.

I had a remarkable meal with DARA members at The View restaurant, 48 stories above the city. This is a salad-lovers dream with marcona almonds, hearts of palm, and pomegranate seeds.

Of course I had a New York deli potato cake, so I wouldn’t have to hand back my status as a foodie. It was scrumptious. Junior’s was reasonably priced and fast!

You will be proud of my self-restraint, because I only brought home twenty physical books from the conference. I would have brought them all home, but the airline has rules or something. We won’t talk about how many cards I received from the lovely, generous romance authors with download codes on them…until later. I can’t wait to show you my haul!

The final leg of my vacation was to Bangor, Maine. Have you been to Bangor? I believe it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Their summer high temperature during my visit was our Texas low temperature. One night I needed a sweatshirt. They get buried in snow every winter or I might consider moving there.

Last time I was in Maine we drove by this bookstore and I wanted to check it out this time. If you’re in Bangor, stop in for a book lover’s dream. Reasonable prices, great owner, and stunning selection.

Maine brings out the history buff in me.

This apothecary’s table is fascinating. We still use some of those ingredients in homeopathic remedies. They have stood the test of time.

Toy and tea enthusiasts, check out this children’s tea set, circa mid 1800’s.

This board book and candies are also from the mid 1800’s! The book looks so modern to me! Being near this table was a major thrill.

Did you know that Maine is full of museums? I found out the good way, by visiting another one. Note that all of the machines at the logging museum are working machines. This is living history. You’ll have to visit on a Thursday when the buildings are open or during an event to see them in action.

This path is on the way to the settler’s area. It was pristine and serene. If they could make the scents and sounds I experienced here into a portable candle it would rob me of what it was like to be there. I will hear that bubbling brook and taste the sweet water we pumped after our walk for the rest of my days.

One of our last day trips was to Bar Harbor. There’s magic in that harbor, walking those cobblestone streets.

My souvenir is these sea glass earrings from Sherman’s. They are my reward for finishing the first draft of April 4th: World Reset Day. a.k.a. the fifth and final book in the Natural Gifts series.

Vacation ended this past weekend at the most fabulous writer’s retreat a romance author could ask for. This is what me and 13 of my chapter members did there.

What’s your favorite snapshot from my trip?

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “I’m Back And I Brought A Dragon Home With Me

  1. Glad you’re back safe and sound, Gina! Kind of jealous of your trip in a good way! Love Maine! My father’s family is from New Brunswick, and some of the family moved to Maine. Beautiful place! Love those Maine pics! Cheers!

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