Romantic Meals To Dine al Fresco by Sloane Taylor – Cookbook Review

Egg Drop Soup
Our first time making it at home, which is one of the reasons we love Taylor’s cookbooks; she makes it easy to try new recipes. This egg drop soup is less salty (much more pleasant) than any we’ve been served in a restaurant!
Photo credit: Nina Lackey
Oven-Fried Chicken
Lemon Garlic Broccoli
The chicken was tender and juicy with a delicious fried coating. We substituted gluten-free flour for the flour listed in the recipe and it was perfect!
The broccoli was tasty and easy for a weeknight dinner.
Photo credit: Gina Briganti
Oven-Fried Tempeh
Tempeh Salad
We eat mostly plant-based here and wanted to try the oven-fried recipe on one of our favorite proteins. The crunch was perfect and the recipe converted exactly as we would want it to, including the gluten-free adaptation.
We made tempeh salad with the leftover cubed tempeh by adding celery, chives, and mayonnaise.
We’ve made this a few more times and it’s on our family menu now.
Photo credits: Gina Briganti
Cheesy Cauliflower
Five-star flavor and so easy it amazed us! We subbed non-dairy ingredients and it was a one for one match. Taylor’s recipes are well researched and convert perfectly on the first try. No guesswork on our parts makes us very happy!
Photo credit: Nina Lackey
Sauteed Mushrooms
I had to snap a picture while they were in the pan because the aroma lured the family into the kitchen with forks in hand. Some made it into the serving dish. Next time we’ll make a triple batch.
Photo credit: Gina Briganti

We been enjoying our copy of the cookbook since it was released in June and have made a few recipes we didn’t take pictures of, but that we enjoyed and want to mention. The avocado salad is a nice blend of creamy and crunchy, with a light dressing. The fried shredded potato cake takes more steps than we usually spend on a potato dish but it was truly well worth the time and we will make it again.

Taylor has a secure place on our cookbook shelf and we’re anticipating her next book! We make more recipes from her books than any other cookbook author we have on our shelf or Kindle.

Click here to see my video review of Taylor’s cookbook, Date Night Dinners,

Which recipes interest you?

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