Trader Joe’s Simply Almond Beverage Review

Videos are on hold while I put extra time into a project I hope will delight my newsletter subscribers, but I still have fun news to share with my foodie friends this week.

Trader Joe’s released a new almond beverage!

Simply Almond Beverage reminds me of the first time I had almond “milk” at a festival. Thick enough without additives of any type, creamy, the taste of almonds dancing across my tongue, with a natural sweetness, all these qualities make this a winner. There was one surprise from this beverage; the soft almond pulp floating in it. It adds a creamy texture that I found addicting. I drank a whole cup the first time I tried it.

I’m adding this to my essentials shopping list at Trader Joe’s and it is replacing the Trader Joe’s unsweetened vanilla almond beverage. Simply Almond Beverage is a bit pricier than the one with additives, but I’d rather skip those all together.

Look for it in the refrigerator and please share your impressions when you try it.

*This review is not sponsored. I purchased and reviewed the beverage all on my own.

Thanks for reading!



13 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Simply Almond Beverage Review

  1. I’ve finally found an almond milk that’s creamy but not thick like others are due to additives such as gum thickeners. The flavor is amazing and I don’t miss dairy thanks to this new product!

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