4 Days In California

In last week’s post I mentioned that I was travelling to California for the weekend. This week I’d like to share why I was in California. California is where I spent the majority of my life, living mostly in Southern California.

California is where I met one of my dearest friends, Cyhndi Mora. If you know me or have been reading this blog long enough to know her name, then you may already know that she was also my Reiki Master Teacher.

My trip was to celebrate Cyhndi’s life, as she left this world in August.

I always try to enjoy the rainbows and the growth that comes from challenging times, which is why I didn’t make the trip all about losing Cyhndi. Instead, I took the opportunity to spend time with family who live close enough to make it feasible to visit by flying in a day earlier. I hadn’t seen them in too long. Facebook is fantastic for knowing some of what goes on with them, but it doesn’t take the place of a sit down and chat visit. Or a hug. Two of them don’t use Facebook or any social media at all.

Another day was added to spend time with a fellow mystic; to explore the parts of ourselves in ways that nurture our spirits and bring our minds into balance and understanding of how vast, and how simple, our spiritual selves are. To simplify this, we chatted, worked with Reiki, reflected and affirmed what we are each faced with in our individual lives. Then we took a walk on a gorgeous day in the sunshine and ate jackfruit bowls at Trejo’s Tacos before shopping for souvenirs to take home to those closest to me.

I had a health foodie and author moment by myself earlier at breakfast when I ate at Cafe Gratitude. This vegan quiche is what I envision on Life Force Holistic Health Center’s home delivery program. If you’re new to this idea and like the sound of it, check out Desert Sunrise, the second book in the Natural Gifts series, where the concept for Life Force Holistic Health Center was born.

Called “Content” on the breakfast menu

This was a thrilling affirmation that I was supposed to be exactly where I was!

Then came the hardest and easiest part – gathering with friends I cherish, and those I’ve known because we were each a part of Cyhndi’s life. It is through the peace of meditative practice that I am able to write about this and share it. I knew next to nothing about meditation before Cyhndi gave me my first guided meditation CD, recorded by William Rand.

It may not be possible to put into words what an amazing being Cyhndi was, but I’ll try to show you a glimpse through this recording from 2005 of Et Spera performing my favorite of their songs. That’s Cyhndi singing at the microphone in the black tank top.

My fourth day in California was mostly spent getting back home, with the bittersweet memories I made circling with the extra time I spent meditating alone in a hotel room and the joy of reading a fantastic new release; Aurora Blazing by Jessie Mihalik. Books are always part of the story and I think Cyhndi would have enjoyed this one.

Rest in peace, Cyhndi. Thank you for all the love you shared in your time here. Thank you for reconnecting me with my family, dreams, past, present, future, and friends. Thank you for 4 days in California.

Thank you for reading,



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