New Release In Fantasy Romance: Saunders’ Choice By Gina Briganti – Excerpt #5

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Excerpt #5

Secretly, Velvet had tried to create a packed stadium full of adoring fans who stroked every one of her ego’s urges.  She had felt worse than when she started doing stand up and she was genuinely booed for her boring jokes and nervous delivery.  Genuine emotion was definitely her style.

“That’s my favorite,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy said that about all of Velvet’s new jokes.  She also meant it about each joke.

“Thanks.” Velvet bowed.  “So, what is the champagne for?”  Velvet read the label and raised an eyebrow, waiting for an answer.

Cassidy clapped her hands, giddy with excitement.  “You have been offered a tour!  With Rockford Entertainment.  You’ll be travelling with other headliners.  They showed me the PR campaign, and it is gorgeous.  You’ll be performing in front of full audiences every night.  The best part is, they called me, not the other way around.  They want you, kid.”

Continued in excerpt #6


She lives life below the waves. What will a man sacrifice to discover it’s not a dream?

Mermaid Velvet has always had a special fascination with the World. And studying its two-legged humans has given the aspiring comedian unique skills to make her audiences laugh. But when she saves a human who believes he’s drowning, she’s stunned by the magic that flows between them.

Saunders is trapped between two realities with no memory of his past. Lost in a strange, underwater domain, he comes face-to-face with an alluring goddess of the sea. When he disappears from her realm, he’s desperate to reunite with the entrancing beauty.

As Velvet continues to bring Saunders out of the darkness, her love for him grows along with her fear that his next disappearance might be his last. And as his memories slowly return, Saunders must decide if he’s willing to leave the World permanently for a chance to be with the mermaid he desires.

Can Velvet and Saunders overcome his terrible fate and sink into each other’s perfect arms?

Saunders’ Choice is a standalone novella in the enchanting Natural Gifts fantasy romance series. If you like irresistible attraction, mystery, and love against the odds, then you’ll adore Gina Briganti’s tale of the deep.

*An early version of Saunders’ Choice was published in the Changing Worlds anthology.

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About The Author

Gina Briganti writes fantasy and sci-fi romance in north Texas. She also writes holistic health non-fiction because real life can be magic, too. Her credentials in holistic health include certification as a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher, certification as a nutrition consultant, and a degree in holistic nutrition.

When she’s not writing, eating delicious healthy food, reading, or making videos, she is spending time with family and friends. Her constant companion is a special soul who masquerades as a lab and chow mix.

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Instagram: @ginabriganti



Twitter: @brigantigina



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