People Watcher

I’m sharing a bit of nostalgia here, for a time in the summer of 2007 when I would sit at the Getty museum gardens and write poetry.

This was a time in my life when my children were too young for me to pursue writing longer works. That’s probably why I ended up writing so many – at least 100.

The first time I put pen to paper when I was six years old, I wrote a poem. My first published work was a poem. Lines still come to me now and then. Maybe there are some new ones on the horizon.

People Watcher

A young woman

A child with bouncing curls, a princess crown, and dancing eyes

An elderly woman who can no longer walk and skin so thin you can see through it

All hold beauty, life, nurturing, and mystery

A boy with the eyes of a sage

A laughing toddler

A teen with hormones arage

A man with a bride

A man with a cane

All hold beauty, life, strength

And the mysterious ability to make me smile

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