A Writer’s Garden–The Wonder of Gardens by H. Carpenter

H. Carpenter is writing about gardens and I feel so blessed to read her words today.

Catherine Castle

Welcome to A Writer’s Garden where writers who are gardeners or just love gardens will be sharing their garden and flower stories, as well as a bit about their writing.

Today’s writer/gardener guest is H. Carpenter, who will be talking about the wonders and healing powers of gardens. Welcome!

The Wonders of Gardens

by H. Carpenter

Gardens are amazing places. They can be big, small, formal or informal. Have different sizes and shapes, and a variety of names that you’re probably familiar with like butterfly garden, water garden, xeriscape garden, Zen garden – the list is endless.

My garden is none of the above. It’s just a simple hodgepodge of plants, trees and shrubs. Over the years, working in this rambly garden has made me happy, sad and surprised.

Inage source H. Carpenter

Happyis azaleas hugging the fence line.

Inage source H. Carpenter

Poinsettias turning their flowery faces toward…

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