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Callum McLaughlin

August is Women in Translation Month. As the name suggests, it’s a time when we’re all encouraged to reach for and discuss books written by women in translation, to combat the gender imbalance that continues to persist within international literature. Last year, I recommended 8 titles for those looking to get involved, and while I stand by those picks, I wanted to highlight some more in case anyone is particularly keen to boost their TBR before the month kicks off!

I’ve linked to each book in case you’d like to know more or pick up a copy, but without further ado, here are 10 excellent books by women in translation.

Loyaltiesby Delphine de Vigan | France | Translated from the French by George Miller

53415025__SY475_As the title suggests, this is primarily a look at the concept of loyalty in its various forms. With each of the 4 main characters…

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