This looks like an interesting, new-to-me vegetable.

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Serve: 4 Level : Medium Time: 30 minutes

SAPHIRE SALAD-SEA BEANS(DENIZ BÖRÜLCESİ) Here is the recipe for Samphire Salad / Sea Beans-Deniz Börülcesi Salatası. This is a refreshing dish, popular especially in the Aegean Region. Samphire comes into season in Turkey during May and June. The preparation of the samphire has a little hard to prepare, It is a salty vegetable, so make sure to be miser when adding salt, if any. With this recipe you will see that when boiled and peeled as described here it is a tasty, refreshing salad,and consumed with fish. Saphire salad are also used in cuisines of other countries, such as cuisines of England, France, Holland and Japan.

Marsh samphire (salicornia europea), traditionally known as picklegrass or glassgrass, is a rather unusual species and grows in salt water. It is one of the very few plants that requires a lot…

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