Wednesday Special Spotlight A Booklover’s Dream

C.D. Hersh

Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On

Home for our books

It started like this

and ended …
like this.

Are you wondering what you’re looking at?

It’s paperback stud cubby bookshelves, made by Donald, the carpenter-handy half of C.D. Hersh, to store Catherine’s romance novels and other paperback book collections, which were layered two deep in her office shelves. They now adorn the ‘library’ section of our basement family room.

Wall studs are the perfect depth for holding 4-inch wide mass market paperbacks. Donald installed an adjustable shelving system on the sides of the studs by dadoing a recess so the metal shelving system was even with the wooden studs. Then he cut the shelves to fit, nailed trim around the openings, painted and stained the surrounding wood and … instant bookshelves! Well, maybe not instant, but certainly a clever storage method.

If you don’t have any bare studs in your…

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