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Traditional New Year’s Eve dish to explore.

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A Traditional New Year’s Dish

from Stella May

This is a traditional New Year’s dish for any person who was born or grew up in former USSR. To this day, not a single celebration goes without it.

The name of this salad in Russia is Сajiat ОЛИВЬЕ. For all the former republics that once upon a time were part of the USSR, this salad became a synonym for a New Year. It brings many of us a lot of bitter-sweet memories.

There are many variations to Olivier Salad. The recipe below is how my family made it, and how I still make it every year on December 31st.

5 large eggs

2 large Russet potatoes

2 carrots

1 can green peas

2-3 pickled cucumbers, traditional Vlasic is best

1 fresh English cucumber

½ cup fresh dill, chopped fine

½ cup green onion, chopped or 1 small…

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