Look! It’s the Desert Sunrise Cover!

Desert Sunrise Final Cover 2

Dance with me, people!  This is a day to celebrate!

This is what it says on the back cover:

Life is good for Lucy Shannon. Love will be too, when the man she knows is out there for her finally shows up. Until then she is going to enjoy herself. So what if her ex-fiance tossed her heart into a blender? Years of therapy had put that in perspective.

Stan Spellman doesn’t think like her. Not in the least. Sure, life is good. He does what he loves every day, spends a pleasurable night with a woman when he wants to. Love? Happily ever after? He’s seen the rare occurrence of it. That’s as far as his thinking on the subject goes.

They’re both scheduled for a wake-up call that will change their lives forever, fulfilling dreams they never knew they had.


The rest of the book will be available in September.  If you would like to order a signed paperback, please do let me know.  The Kindle version will also be available in September.

As always, thank you for reading, and for sharing my excitement.


“Keep It Simple: Permission to Illuminate Your Life Easily, Effortlessly, & Joyfully” Workbook Exercise 6-2014: Problem Solving



“Keep It Simple: Permission to Illuminate Your Life Easily, Effortlessly, & Joyfully” has something to celebrate!  It’s now available as an eBook!



To celebrate the new format, there will be a special giveaway in the July newsletter.  If you’re not signed up for the newsletter, you can sign up here.

Now I’d like to take the opportunity to help you with solving one of your biggest challenges.  For this exercise,  I recommend choosing only one to work with.  Work with the same challenge until you’re satisfied with the results.  Then move on to another problem.

Choose a time to open your “can of worms” when you can truly devote at least an hour to exploring, journalling, and meditating on it.  Journal all of your thoughts about it.  Ask yourself every question you can think of.  Truly explore every angle you can find to look at.  The purpose of this exercise is to satisfy yourself that you’re not hiding away from something you’re afraid of, or ashamed of.

Take time to breathe through your feelings.  You have 100% of your own attention right now in your mind, your body, and your spirit.  Really let yourself relax and explore.  If you need to forgive yourself, forgive yourself.  If you need to forgive someone else, and you’re ready to, forgive them.  If you need to express a gentle truth, express it.

You will come to a place where your thoughts start to repeat themselves. That’s when you’re ready to look at your problem with the tools from the technique from “In Closing,” in the workbook.  Which one of the three is it?  Is it time to gather more information?  Is it time to allow things to unfold, because you’ve already done all that you can?  Or is it time to take action right away?

If it’s time to take action right away, and you’re not sure which action to take, visit the toolbox in chapter one.  Choose as many of the tools there as appeal to you, and take action.

As always, I’m happy to lend an ear if you have a question.

I’d be honored to hear how problem solving is going for you.  What was in your can of worms?  If you have something private to share, feel free to connect on Facebook or through e-mail.

Much love always,








Welcome, Book Marketing Challenge Blog Hoppers!

The Book Marketing Challenge BannerGina Briganti


I’m Gina Briganti.  Thank you very much for stopping by my blog today.

If you’re like me, you can hardly believe that the challenge is ending.  I’ve been privileged to get to know some of you through the challenge, and I look forward to connecting with more of you as a result of this blog hop.  This has been an exciting 30 days!  I’ve learned incredible amounts of information.  Information I was able to put to use right away and see results from.

I offer my gratitude to all the presenters.  You are all amazing!  I have registered with many of you to continue learning from you, and purchased some of your products.

When D’Vorah Lansky asked us to choose one favorite book marketing strategy, I viewed it as a great thought exercise.  I have many pages of valuable notes I’ve collected throughout the challenge.  One does stand out for me, and that is collaboration.  I’m excited about sharing virtual book tour dates, writing Kindle book series, and guest posts; all because they’re amazing ways to get together and amplify our individual skills and reach.

Signing up for my newsletter is the entryway into working together.  Each month I’ll share which opportunities I’m offering, and looking for, on my editorial calendar.  My newsletter is the only place this calendar, and these offers, will appear.  I’ve made it easy for you to join me with this helpful link.

Reciprocation is a key word.  I always want to create in a way that benefits all of us.  Are you curious about what my topics are?  I hope so!

You see in my banner that I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Author, and Holistic Health Consultant, which is a good introduction into a few of the topics I write and read about.  I’m interested in collaborations involving:



Developing intuition

Deepening intuition

Living intuitively


Power animal guidance







Romance of nearly any genre

Paranormal Romance – I have a paranormal romance series with 17 releases planned.  My newest release is  http://www.amazon.com/The-Dreaming-Gina-Briganti-ebook/dp/B00IV1NEC6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1401926099&sr=8-1&keywords=the+dreaming+by+gina+briganti

Non-fiction self-help – This is my workbook.  I post exercises for this workbook here on my blog.


Lifestyle coaching


Holistic health

Positive mental attitudes

Emotional balance


Who knows where we’ll go with all the fabulous opportunities we have in front of us?  We have everything we need to entertain, inspire, and inform our target audience of women and men looking for ways to live a happy life, whether that’s through books, direct coaching, or team support.  This is what we do, because it’s what we love to do.  Our audience will appreciate us because they know the value of our expertise and commitment.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.  I truly appreciate you.  I’ll be seeing you on your blog soon!

My Published Works

I have the extreme pleasure of having published two books. The first was published in 2010. I affectionately call it the workbook. I post workbook exercises from time to time to keep momentum going for those who have a copy and are actively involved with it. if you have a question, comment, or suggestion for a workbook exercise, please do share it with me.


My second lovely is a new release. The Dreaming, a paranormal romance, made its way into our hands on March 7, 2014. It is the first in the Natural Gifts series.


If you’re looking for the paperback version, click on the The Dreaming from the Amazon page and you’ll see more options.

May I Please Have Your Attention?


Today is very special for me and the many special friends and family members who have made this journey with me. I’m grateful to each and every one of you for the love, support, enthusiasm, and dedication you have shared with me.

Today, I have the unbelievable pleasure of sharing the release of “The Dreaming” with you. I know. I know. Sometimes we thought this day would never arrive. Now that it has I am pinching myself, and hoping, at the same time, that I need to keep on pinching myself. It has been an amazing experience already.

Now, in case you haven’t heard me talk about it for the four years that I’ve spent working on “The Dreaming,” it is the first book in my new paranormal romance series called “Natural Gifts.” If you skip over to amazon via the link above, you’ll see “The Dreaming” in all of its glory.