When and Why – Food As Ally Approach to Exercise

Today is my 12th anniversary blogging on WordPress.


Graphics by Gina Briganti

When your body is full of energy, you might be inspired to move it (a.k.a. exercise). Going for walks, swimming on summer nights, meeting friends for a yoga class, playing the drum with your neighborhood drum circle, or _______________________ (insert your favorite workout here) will sound and be rejuvenating if you’re energized.

Here’s a suggestion for when you want to move your body more, but time and energy aren’t lining up. I saw this video where Rosanna Pansino reviewed the Desk Cycle , giving it two thumbs up. This gadget, sitting under your desk, would be a convenient way to move your legs. The Desk Cycle part is found 3:07 into the video. Please note that this post is not sponsored.

Or you might not have any interest in exercising. And that’s okay, as long as you aren’t under medical direction to.

As beneficial as exercise…

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Writing View – Now and Then

This post is inspired by Cindy Knoke’s fabulous photo stories; Paul Militaru’s fabulous subject choices; and Jill Shalvis who used to regularly post her inspiring writing views.

All photo credits are mine.

Wind rustling leaves on spring trees sound like applause

Yay, Gina, you’re writing!

The twin tree is dressed in Spring foliage. Birds sing and chirp in every direction. Squirrels chase each other around the trunk and on the grassy ground. Fresh breezy air gently moves hair tendrils on my cheek.

The path ahead is the same yet not the same.

A week before Spring equinox, I started a new part-time job that brought more freedom, time, and appreciation to writing.

Snowy winter trees in February – I spent plenty of time writing and living the Food As Ally program. Inside. Under blankets with hot tea close by. I call this tree the Twins because there is one trunk.

The pond water changes color with the temperature and time of day. Details I notice from time spent staring while words form in my mind.

The world was black and white that day. No filters.

This is me, flushed and excited by my new home and moving boxes.

In October when I saw this balcony view I daydreamed of writing here before the cold weather chased me back inside. This is how it looked in early December, the day I moved in.

I hope you enjoyed my view and my words as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. Natural Gifts, indeed.


The Spotlights on –

Supporting Writers

An Editor’s Golden Touch

from Sharon Ledwith

Do you want to know how to make your manuscript stronger? Polished? Close to publication? Psst…I can help with that. Correction—my former editor, Kathy Teel, can help with that. The following advice is gold to writers seasoned or new. Read on…

  • The word “as” is not your friend. It is almost never your best choice. In any MS, find all occurrences of it and cut at least half. This is especially true when it occurs near a dialogue tag.
  • You don’t need both an action tag and a dialogue tag. For example: Jojo sneered at him, saying, “That was helpful.” Those should look like this: Jojo sneered. “That was helpful.” (This is where many of those words were cut)
  • Dialogue tags go after the first clause in the dialogue, not at the end, unless it’s a short bit of dialogue and we know…

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Saying Goodbye to my Food Obsession – Food As Ally Update


In the past, if I saw tasty new food at Trader Joe’s, I had to buy it on that shopping trip. Now, I can pass on them until timing lines up. Like the gluten-free double chocolate muffins. After watching a taste test showing how tender and decadent they are, I’ve been to the store and seen them on the shelf three times. Fact is, finishing a four-pack of giant muffins takes too long, so I’ll wait until I have company or an event to bring them to. It wasn’t a struggle. I didn’t feel deprived. Did I buy my favorite crispy gluten-free chocolate chip cookies? Totally.

Recently I started working part-time outside my business, which means I needed to adjust when, how much, and what, I eat. This means revisiting step five to learn my new hunger cues. My body doesn’t like to eat early in the morning, but if…

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The Original Cakewalk

Leigh Goff

from Sharon Ledwith

Y’all ready to set the flo’? Say what? Not sure what I’m talking about? You’re not alone. I had no idea what “set the flo’” meant until digging into the research I needed to bring readers into my point-of-view character Drake Bailey’s world in the third book of The Last Timekeepers time travel adventure series. Set in 1855, during the antebellum period in Georgia, Drake discovers that it’s not the best place for an African American time traveler, but he endures and lives to tell his tale.

Plantation slaves in the deep south of America weren’t given many pleasures in their hard lives. Author Julius Lester sums it up beautifully when he wrote in his book, To Be A Slave, “The prayer meetings, the parties, and the holidays did not make being a slave pleasurable. Nothing could do that, but whatever pleasure the slave was able…

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What I Did and What I Did About It


Graphic credit: Gina Briganti

What I did that led me to create Food As Ally was…

I turned clean eating into a cross between dieting and food snobbery.

What I learned is…

My body tells me when it wants salad and that I can trust my taste hunger or emotional hunger when it is asking for cookies because I know that my body will tell me when enough is enough.

You can, too.

Wishing you a smooth day,


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Wednesday Special Spotlight Cupcake Fantasy

I’m tasting these cupcakes with my imagination. So good!

C.D. Hersh

Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On

Helen Carpenter
who brings us an award winning cupcake recipe with a story.

The day was perfect; one of those low humidity, blue sky, breeze-off-the-lake days that made tourists flock to central Florida. Green and yellow tents filled the park and costumes were the attire of choice. Dogs in costumes, babies in costumes, teens in costumes, turtles in costumes; every life form Andi encountered wore a costume.

Her own costume was her usual jeans and boots, topped by a red tank and a red cap to match the red linen covering the platter of cupcakes in her hands. This year the cupcakes were salted caramel apple. The recipe was new and the friends who’d taste-tested had raved over them. They were sinfully delicious and should easily be the best cupcakes in the park.

She’d still baked three batches before she was satisfied. Competition in the…

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Asian Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry

#recipeoftheday. Making this for an event and the family. Triple batch. One difference – chicken instead of beef.

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

Sometimes I plan ahead when making our meals, but most of the time I don’t. I usually only plan ahead when I am making something special, or when we are having guests over. The rest of the time, I kind of wing it. That’s just how I roll.

We had a lot of fresh, delicious seafood, cooked in a variety of ways while in Belize, but we hadn’t eaten much beef lately. We had a some London broil down, which is good when cooked as a casserole or a stir-fry or as fajitas, or something like that where it is cooked with something else and is not just the meat alone. This particular cut of meat lends itself best to these types of dishes. That being said, we hadn’t had a lot of Asian dishes in awhile either, so it was time to make an another Asian stir-fry, this time…

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Food As Ally Group Support Call Schedule

Making food your ally again.


Make food your ally again.

Food As Ally is a program* dedicated to making food our ally again through reclaiming our food choices, listening to hunger cues, and listening to fullness cues..all with a supportive community led by an experienced nutrition professional.

Gina Briganti, Developer of the Food As Ally program

I’m excited to announce the first Food As Ally group support Zoom call dates!

Food As Ally Zoom Group Support Call Friday, February 18, 2022, 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. CST

Food As Ally is a program* dedicated to making food our ally again through reclaiming our food choices, listening to hunger cues, and listening to fullness cues.

Video is optional.

You will be emailed the Zoom link and a PDF copy of the Food As Ally program overview and first two program steps before the call.


Click here to purchase.

Reiki Food As Ally Group Zoom Support Call Saturday…

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