Popping the Cushy Bubble – Cake.shortandsweet Wednesday Write-in #89

My entry for this week’s Cake.shortandsweet prompt, Wednesday Write-in #89, is “Popping the Cushy Bubble”. The words to use this week were disown, doldrums, narrow, curse, and assemble. This is the original post:  http://cakeshortandsweet.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/wednesday-write-in-89/

His threat to disown me was the better road. I see that now. Instead, I’ve ended up witH a curse. A curse of unImaginable proportions. WhEre once I had been able to sculpt the most complicated of subjects, now I could barely assemble a Lego city with my son. Rather than settling into the doldrums that would end any happiness I could still muster, I chose to meet with Esmeralda. Esmeralda insisted in meeting in the dark, narrow rows of an odd shop that smelled of things I didn’t want to name. “What is it that you like about this place?” I asked her. Her answer made sense to me. True, no one would look for us there. No one who had a working nose, anyway. Or a curse driVing them to despEration. “Are you suRe this is what You want?” Esmeralda inquired of me in her rough, thrOaty voice. “It is. I’ve lived with this curse for three years. I waNt it gone.” I answered cErtainly. Esmeralda waved her hands around me, then asked me to drink a vile brew she held in a test tube. Before swallowing I asked her if she was certain it would work. She answered as any practitioner of her art would when their ability was questioned. By taking the tube back. “Wait.” I dared to touch her shoulder. “I’m ready.” I took the tube from her and swallowed the potion quickly. “I don’t feel a difference,” I gestured helplessly to her. “It worked, my son. It worked. When you wake, you will have all of your skill, and none of your father’s backing. It’s the price you pay for being better than him. In all ways, you are better than him. I am thankful that you have finally shed your need of him. You’ll stand taller, and prouder, on your own.” The old woman, Esmeralda, would know. It was she who had first defied my father, her former husband. It was she who now restored my life. I could have my skills, the love of my mother, and my happy family once again. Once again, life is good.