Event Announcement, New Cover Art, And A Giveaway To Celebrate #fantasyromance

Elena and Draper’s book cover has been redesigned by Victoria Cooper Art!

Book 4 Of The Natural Gifts Series

A parallel world. A trapped soul. To save her friends, they’ll battle addiction, magic, and eternity…

Elena Zucchero has lived and lost in reality. Now she fills her heart through her work as a hypnotherapist by helping her patients improve their lives. But when a nightmare plagues her sleep, she learns her friends have gone missing in an addictive alternate plane. And the only way to save them may require feeding the demons of her handsome new client…

Draper Montgomery painfully resists the call of the Dreaming. But despite his dangerous cravings, he senses his enchanting therapist has a wound he can help heal. And to satisfy his heart’s desire, he may just have to risk the very foundation of his mind…

As Elena and Draper discover a deeper soul connection, the therapist struggles to keep her distance in the hunt for her friends. If the people she loves even want to be saved…

Will the perilous hunt to rescue her friends lose them their lives and their souls?

Deep in the Dreaming is the fourth standalone book in the captivating Natural Gifts paranormal romance series. If you like mysterious worlds, conflicted characters, and love that conquers all, then you’ll adore Gina Briganti’s enthralling tale.

Buy Deep in the Dreaming to slip into another world today!

Let’s celebrate Elena and Draper’s new look with an Amazon gift card giveaway!

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Here are all the covers together.
July 1st, 7:00 p.m. CDT Via Zoom

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Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day!


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There Is Always A Way To Love

I’ve put my Natural Gifts characters through a lot, and they can tell you that love always finds a way. Be kind to each other. Take care of one another. We’re going to get through this.

Escape into a book for a few hours. It’s the weekend!

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Answering Reader’s Questions From The Saunders’ Choice Blog Tour

Last week was a blast. I traveled to 50 blogs, meeting most of these bloggers and readers for the first time. I was impressed by the questions asked and I was stumped on a few until I took time to work out what I thought about a few of them.

Read on. You’ll know which ones they were.

Q: Which character do you most relate to from your book? Congrats on the release.

A: Thank you for celebrating the release with me. I think I most relate to Riddle, who is sweet, magical, and even more reserved than I used to be.

Q: Where do you do most of your writing? Congrats on the release.

A: I do most of my writing at home and move around the house a lot. Sometimes I’m kneeling, other times standing, most of the time sitting, which I’m obviously trying to change. When you move the body, you move the mind.

Q: Do you plan on doing more writing while locked up due to Coronavirus?

A: I do plan to write more, with or without social distancing. I’m currently writing the final book in the Natural Gifts series.

Q: Did you design the cover of your book?

A:  I turned cover design over to the very talented Victoria Cooper last year. She and I agree that Saunders’ Choice is our favorite cover in the series so far.

Q: Gina, What do you most enjoy about writing in this genre?

A: What I love about writing fantasy romance is all the magical beings I get to meet and the worlds they inhabit. Thanks for asking.

Q: My question for the author is: Is there a story, novel, movie, television series, etc.-that you would want to write a continuation of? I remember back in the ‘90’s when we got ‘Scarlett’, the sequel to Gone With the Wind. Any ideas?

A: I loved thinking about this question. There are two TV series that ended that I would love to see continued; Warehouse 13 and The Librarians.

Q: My question for the author is: Were you always intrigued by mermaids? Are you a fan of the Disney animated classic, ‘The Little Mermaid’? How about the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale?

A: I used to pretend to be a mermaid, diving to the bottom of my neighbor’s pool and looking for treasure chests. My daughter and I are now joined by my granddaughter when we watch Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid. I don’t believe I’ve read the classic story by Hans Christian Andersen yet.

Q: What is your current read?

A: I’m reading a contemporary romance right now – Charming You by Kris Jayne. It’s the first book in her Thirsty Hearts series.

Q: My question for the author is: Are you a big fan of any famous fantasy works, like ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘Game of Thrones’?

A: I love this question. I love Harry Potter and Narnia. Two of my favorite fantasy worlds.

Q: Favorite color?

A: I am partial to most of the blues, purples, and greens. I think it shows up in my book covers.

Q: My question for the author is: Have you noticed any positive changes for women in your field, since you started writing professionally?

A:  I have noticed prizes specifically for women authors and residencies for us. I see both of those as positive changes.

I told you it was fun!

Now for some news. I’m involved with two special events right now.

Saunders’ Choice (A standalone Natural Gifts novella that can be read in any order), The Dreaming (Natural Gifts Book 1), and my non-fiction self-help workbook, Keep It Simple:Permission to Illuminate Your Life Easily, Effortlessly, & Joyfully are all on sale for 0.99 (Kindle). Click on the #feedyourreader picture and you’ll be taken to a list of all the books that are on sale and enter the #giveaway for a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card.

Fresh Fiction is running a #giveaway to celebrate Saunders’ Choice. You can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Good luck with the giveaways! I’d love to see one of you win one or both of these prizes.

Here’s one last piece of good news. This one comes directly to your inbox. It’s a free animal charmers story featuring Stan and Lucy from Desert Sunrise.

Take care of yourself and reach out if you’re having a tough time. No one is alone.

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