“Two Brides” – Tipsy Lit Prompted – View from the Fishbowl

Those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Amelia Mennano from “One Red Flower” should enjoy seeing what happened to the lovely lady Dawn.  The original prompt is here: http://tipsylit.com/2014/01/13/prompted-view-from-the-fishbowl/



Marianna Mennano took one final look at the two bridal showrooms. Her brides would be there soon. They were both getting the full treatment. Both wedding parties would be choosing their gowns and accessories. They would sip champagne, take pictures, and nibble on delectables.

Marianna chose the slightly nicer room for Dawn. Dawn was special to all of them. She had brought a magic to her little Amelia’s life that led to Marianna having her own shop. Marianna’s talents earned reviews and repeat business that put her on the map. Yes, Dawn would get everything Vanessa would today.

Vanessa arrived with her mother, her fiancés mother, and her 15 wedding attendants. Some of them she hardly knew. It was time for her to be married at 28. It was advantageous to her and Reginald Patterson III to marry one another. She liked him enough that she might even spend some of her time with him when she didn’t have to.

Dawn Lassiter arrived 30 minutes after Vanessa’s party. She was with her mother, mother-in-law to be, her maid of honor, three close friends who would be bridesmaids, and her fiancés niece who would be their flower girl.
Seeing the room Marianna had put together for them brought tears to Dawn’s eyes. “Oh, Marianna! It’s lovely.” Dawn walked gracefully to the table holding a centerpiece of stargazer lilies. She lifted the flowers to her face and breathed in their sweet scent.

Dawn’s wedding party hugged and beamed smiles all around while they enjoyed the champagne, cake, cheese, and fruit that Marianna arranged for them.

Marianna’s sister poked her head into the room, looking for her. “A moment, please, Marianna?”

Marianna motioned to the selection of dresses they were starting with so that Dawn’s party could begin looking through them before she went to talk to her sister.

“It’s a disaster in there, Marianna. The bride is rejecting everything we have. We even brought out that fancy designers book that’s in the news and she said it wasn’t good enough for her. She demanded that we bring her a better champagne and a low calorie cake to eat with it. What do I do?”

Marianna soothed her. “I’ll take care of her. You stay here with Dawn and her family.”

“Oh, thank you,” Pamela breathed as though being pardoned from the gallows.

Marianna placed a call to her husband’s pastry chef and asked him to whip up something suitable for the discerning bride and their best champagne. She soothed Vanessa’s ruffled feathers by asking her what she wanted in a gown. They could design it for her. Of course they could place the diamonds by hand. Of course they could locate the finest lace. Marianna assured Vanessa that each of her demands would be met. Vanessa seemed temporarily appeased.

The rest of Vanessa’s party chatted together. Some chose a dress or an accessory. No one thought anything of Vanessa’s demands.

Two exhausting hours later Marianna rejoined Dawn’s family. Vanessa had an appointment with the attorneys that cut her shopping short. The rest of her party left with her.

Marianna gratefully returned to see Dawn standing in front of the mirror with her bridal party, gorgeously resplendent in their wedding clothes. The photographer laughed, as did Pamela, in tearful joy to be part of such a blessed day. These photos would go on the wall.