ROW80 Check-In 5/7

What happens when I pay attention and read the rules for Row of Words in 80 Days is a blog post like this.

Receiving ROW80 blog posts by email kept writing fresh in my brain, along with family; friends; spirituality; posts by Lynn Writing Over the Moon on Instagram; belonging to Plano Writer’s Group on FB; and being friends with Heather Bennett who inspires me to keep going with everything I do in life.

Today’s update is that I set a goal a few weeks back to write at least 30 minutes a day, four days a week. I chose to work on the Natural Gifts prequel I started in 2019. I wanted my love for writing to come back and it has. My check-in is that I have been consistent for a few weeks and am now researching Joshua Tree, CA in the year 1600 for story setting. Understanding my POV character, Ta’va, means learning about the world she lived in.

To my blog readers: guess what? This is the prequel to the Natural Gifts series! If you wondered how The Dreaming and Gehenna were created, well, so did I. We’re going to get to read that story.