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We met Diablo

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Desert Sunrise Kindle Cover
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when Jason made that shaky drive pulling a horse trailer for the first time, guided by Joe and Stan, to go look at his first horse. Diablo let them take him home to Sunny Skies Stables. Lucky humans!


No Yesterdays Cover
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No Yesterdays book trailer

Diablo witnessed Jason and Lina’s first kiss. There’s more to that story. Take a journey with me to Top Drawer Ink Corp.’s Animal Stories page and see the story behind how that first kiss came to be.

Thank you to Top Drawer Ink for publishing Diablo’s Wish and an excerpt from No Yesterdays where you can read, or relive, the day Jason and Lina met.

Thank you for the time we spend together! It’s always better when we’re together!


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Thank You to Prolitfic for Inviting me to Judge This Month’s Short Story Competition!

Monthly Competitions
We’ll be holding competitions each month, alternating between short story contests and activity-based contests. Each will have the same general guidelines, except short story competitions will have varied themes. See below for sample guidelines.
  1. Your submission must be in English and less than 5,000 words.
  2. You may submit preexisting or previously published work as long as the work is original and fits the competition theme.
  3. We highly recommend a few explanatory sentences at the beginning or end of your work to clarify the link to the competition theme.
  4. Send a Word doc to prolitfic@gmail.com. Entries may be posted (possibly starting next competition cycle) in the group for members to read through, but ultimate decisions will be made by the competition judge.
  5. The deadline is September 30th. You may submit unlimited entries, but only one piece can be awarded. Prizes: TBD, to be selected by one judge, a guest author. Awards may vary depending on number of entries in this/future cycles and as we experiment with different prizes.



This Means You Have Three More Days to Submit! Go for it!


Is There A Prize If You Win?

Based on popular demand, the prizes for our short story competition will be feedback on your piece from 1-2 published authors/editors/agents or a one-on-one Q&A! Just THREE more days to submit to the short story competition, “Power.”

As a reminder, you may submit repurposed work as long as you can manage a few sentences tying your piece to the theme.

If Prolitfic sounds like your jam, join the Facebook group to stay in the know!

I am excited about reading your entries!


As always, thank you for reading,



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Have you Read the Shiva XIV Series by Lyra Shanti?

Lucky me, I have read most of the books in this series! Shanti a talented sci-fi/fantasy author, which is always a pleasure for a hungry reader like me. Check out the covers! Mama mia, there are some good ones.

The links on these book covers connect to my Amazon associate ID, which helps support this site without adding any cost to you.

Book 1 (2014) showed Shanti’s elegant writing style and a unique writing voice, which are great accomplishments for a debut novel. The world she built for this series is accessible, while being totally foreign to the world we live in.

The hero, Ayn, has serious tasks laid on his fourteen-year-old shoulders, like saving his people from extinction. That’s not a spoiler, there’s plenty I won’t tell you. This book is rich in originality, plot, characters, and adventure. If you can predict what happens in this book you should play lottery numbers because you are gifted.

At the end of Shiva XIV I was anxious to read the book 2, Shiva XIV: The Veil of Truth (2015). I knew there was a lot more story to tell, and I was invested in the characters.

The second book continues immediately where the first book ended. There are interesting new characters in The Veil of Truth, like Srah, who has lovely wings. I love characters with wings. There are a few of them in the series.

Shanti’s creativity spiked to the top of the charts with this book, showing us more parts of the world she built and more characters with interesting motives and twisty plots. Some of them are twisted, too.

I was so engrossed in The Veil of Truth that I didn’t realize I was close to the end and then, bam, it was over. I love to be swept away by a series like that!

Shiva XIV: The Riddle of the Gods (2016) is book 3 in the series. This book brought satisfying answers to questions I had about books one and two. There is a villain in this series, Yol Notama, who conflicted me more than any villain I can remember reading. If you’ve read the series I want to know if you went down the same topsy-turvy emotional path I did with him.

There are relationships between these characters that most authors can’t pull off, including an open-minded, naturally occurring non-traditional relationship forming that I find exciting.

Surprising love between two other characters is about to spawn a new race of beings. I didn’t say who, or what, so that’s not a spoiler, right?

I recommend reading the books as a series. They can stand on their own but there is so much more reward if you read all of them.

There are more books in the series for me to read, Yippee! These are on my TBR:


Ooh, look, there’s a box set of books 1-4!


Thank you for reading my review of the SHIVA XIV series!



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